A Week in Japan: A Tokyo Travel Guide

A Week in Japan: A Tokyo Travel Guide

Traveling to Tokyo was definitely a bucket list destination. Having never been to Asia, it was honestly somewhat of an overwhelming experience. There is a lot to see, explore, eat, and do! It is a city with a lot of culture and one I definitely recommend visiting at some point in your life.

  • Asakusa: Explore the beautiful historic Buddhist temples Sensō-ji, Hozomon Gate as well as Asakusa Shrine.
  • Akihabara: Akihabara is definitely a good time. Embrace your inner child and play around the different arcades and anime shops.
  • Ginza: Ginza was one of my favorite areas in Tokyo. It’s filled with lots of shopping and restaurants.
  • Golden Gai: Golden Gai is super fun to roam around at night. Lined with the tiniest restaurants and bars I’ve ever seen, it is certainly worth a visit when in Japan. Grab some friends and go out for a drink or bite to eat!
  • Harajuku District: Visit Harajuku and wander the shops along Takeshita Street. There’s lots to see, little souvenir shops to sift through, and restaurants and vendors with cute, yummy treats. When in Harajuku, I also suggest checking out Cat Street. It is a much more laidback, less touristy, and hip part of Harajuku.
  • Omoide Yokocho (“Piss Alley”): Very much like Golden Gai, “Piss Alley” is a maze of narrow alleys near Shinjuku station lined with little restaurants.
  • Shibuya: When in Shibuya check out Meiji Shrine. Also cross the largest, busiest intersection in the world there at Shibuya Crossing. They also have a number of great restaurants and places to shop.
  • TeamLab Borderless: When in Tokyo, make a trip to TeamLab Borderless! They have several cool art installations to wander through. You’ve probably seen photos on Instagram.

  • Alfred Tea Room: Yes, we have Alfred Tea Room back home in Los Angeles, but the Tokyo location has a different selection of treats and drinks like mini vegan cupcakes, cute floral spritzers and teas, strawberry and mint chip milk teas, and more!
  • Aoyama Flower Market Cafe: Tucked away within the Aoyama Flower Market, this cafe is filled with the smell of fresh flowers. They have a great selection of teas (I brought some home!) and a great menu.
  • Cosmekitchen Adaptation: With a plethora of healthy, colorful options (and vegan soft serve!!), grab lunch and then wander the clean beauty shop next door!
  • Cafe Kitsune: A hip little cafe in Ometesando, related to Kitsune, the Paris based fashion brand and music label. Nearby is their boutique, Maison Kitsune.
  • Down the Stairs: Another (somewhat hidden) cafe where you can enjoy a delicious pastry and iced vanilla latte.
  • Miyazono: If you’re willing to splurge for great sushi, this is a great place to do so! They get the fish fresh from the Tsukiji Fish Market every morning.
  • Mr. Farmer: Mr. Farmer is a trendy cafe with yummy food (including vegan and vegetarian options) and a great vibe! I got a delicious tofu veggie wrap and my friend got a veggie burger. They have multiple locations!
  • Motoyoshi: Try this Michelin starred sushi restaurant. Yes, it is quite pricy, but the fish is great quality and I mean, you can’t go to Japan and not get sushi! You have to try the tempura, it’s their specialty.
  • Paletas: Stumbled on these delicious popcicles at Ginza Six. They have a great selection of flavors, three of which are dairy free! I had the dairy free matcha with raspberries. I’ve been craving it ever since!

  • Asakusa: Not only does Asakusa have the amazing temples and shrines to look at, it also has a street lined with tiny shops. They have the cutest things! I left with a really pretty barrette an adorable keychain for a girlfriend!
  • Cosme Kitchen: Located right next to Cosme Kitchen Cafe, this clean beauty store is a must when visiting Japan. I brought some non-toxic goodies back for my friends from here!
  • Daikanyama Shopping District: As mentioned above, spend an afternoon shopping the area. Check out more well known stores/brands and be sure not to miss all of the cute Japanese boutiques like Okura.
  • Don Quijote: Basically Japans everything store. I find it a lot of fun to wander around!
  • Ginza Six: The Ginza district in general is a great place for shopping. Ginza Six is a spectacular department store with luxury brands and designers. Be sure to go downstairs and look at all the yummy treats! They have some great Japanese goodies to bring back home! This is also where I stumbled on Paletas!
  • Haneda Airport: The airport actually has some of the best souvenirs! I stocked up on all of the different flavored Kit Kats that they don’t have in the states as well as other goodies!
  • Tsutaya: Tsutsaya is an incredible bookstore in Tokyo! It is filled with a remarkable collection of books from around the world, a music department with listening stations, a film section, restaurants and cafes, and so much more!

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