How To Survive A Long Flight!

How To Survive A Long Flight!

One of the very first questions I asked myself when planning my trip to Asia was, “how the heck am I going to survive the plane ride?!” Even if you are fortunate enough to be flying business or first class, where you can lay down, it still is a super long flight. I thought it might be helpful to share some of the ways I’ll be making the most of my extensive flight to Tokyo this Sunday.


First things first, you are going to be in these clothes for a while so I suggest you make them comfy! I see girls showing up to the airport all done up. Not me. You’ll find me lounging in my Lulus and t-shirt with not a stitch of makeup or care in the world.


Planes are filled with germs. Before you get seated, I suggest you wipe down your seat, tray table, and screen if provided on your flight. Be sure to wash your hands and just be mindful to be a little extra sanitary. I mean whats worse than being sick on the trip you just traveled over half a day to get to?


Sleep for as much of the flight as you can. It will help make the time fly by. Melatonin and valerian root can really help! Stop by a health food or vitamin shop and take a look at their sleep aids. I’ll be trying Life Seasons Rest-ZZZ for this flight. (There are so many options to choose from so whatever works for you! I’ve shared some below.)

NO CAFFEINE before travel.

If you want to have even a prayer of falling asleep, I suggest you skip your Alfred run. I pass on my morning matcha latte when flying long distances and my body is very grateful. Unless you plan on being wide awake for a large chunk of the flight, consider this tip!


your own snacks. Airplane food is a no for me dog. I come prepared with prepared meals plus snacks. Meal prep for the win!

entertainment. If you’re unable to sleep, its probably a good idea to bring something to keep you busy. Bring a book, headphones, iPad or computer to watch movies, music, work, anything to keep you occupied!


Make sure all of your devices are charged and ready to use. You can’t do much with a dead phone or computer.


Flying is very dehydrating so be sure to drink lots of water. I also like to bring rosewater facial spray, moisturizer, lip balm and sometimes even a hydrating face mask or serum to use while on the flight to keep my skin feeling fresh and balanced. Do it; your skin will thank you.


Last but not least, remember the power of positivity. I know a 15 hour flight can seem daunting but in the end it will all be worth it. You’re traveling somewhere! That is something to be grateful for. Plus, whining doesn’t get you places faster. I’ve learned from experience.


Hope this is helpful! Safe travels! xo


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