Grocery Shopping During COVID-19

Grocery Shopping During COVID-19

I’m the type of person that usually frequents the grocery store (Erewhon is my happy place). I get food to last me a few days and go back for groceries as needed throughout the week. With the COVID-19 pandemic, I have to limit my trips to the store to keep outside exposure to a minimum. Food shopping has looked a little different during this time. I’ve struggled with getting enough food to last me the full week without running out or having it spoil too soon. Just because we are in quarantine doesn’t mean that we can’t keep up with healthy, balanced eating habits. If you want to live off of pasta and TV dinners, go for it, but don’t think you’re limited to just that. Here’s what grocery shopping during COVID-19 might look like…

Fresh Produce 

Don’t worry! Just because you may be buying food to last you longer than usual, doesn’t mean we can’t still enjoy fresh produce. Think potatoes, apples, carrots, beets, onions, squash (winter, spaghetti, summer, etc), citrus (lemons grapefruit, limes, etc.), celery, cabbage, bell peppers, cucumber, zucchini. These veggies last anywhere between 1-2 weeks.

You can totally buy more quickly perishable produce, just plan to use them sooner rather than later. OR make items like bananas, avocados, peaches and tomatoes last by buying some unripe so they ripen over time and you can use them at a later date.

Frozen Foods

Frozen fruits and veggies are great for smoothies, to heat up in a pan, or to steam. If you’re lucky and can find some at the store, grab a few packages (not all of them! SHARE PEOPLE!) Otherwise (and more likely), consider freezing your own fruits and vegetables and then using them as needed! I like to keep frozen mixed veggies, greens, bananas, and berries in my freezer. You can even cook large batches of food and freeze them so they last you longer. My mom likes to do this with soup!

Any frozen food or meals you like is good to have on hand during these uncertain times.


If you eat meat, get some to make right away and some to freeze. I usually go for ground turkey, chicken, and fish. Eggs are great to have because they last around 5 weeks!

Dairy & Dairy Alternatives

Dairy like cheese, salted butter, and pasteurized whole milk can last you some time in quarantine. Since I don’t really consume dairy, I’m not too much help. HOWEVER, I know that dairy alternatives like coconut/almond/cashew yogurt can last up to 4 weeks! Cocoyo, So Delicious, Coconut Cult, and Forager are some good options to consider! A lot of these are a great way to get probiotics and to help keep your gut and digestive system strong! Nut milks also can last quite some time.


These are great to stock up on since they’ll last you a LONG time and you can use them in a variety of ways in different meals. You can use them as the base of your meal and add other food groups like greens and other proteins to create a balanced meal. Think barley, brown rice, oats, quinoa, bread, pasta, cereal, dried beans and peas.

Canned Goods

Canned meat (tuna, chicken, salmon, etc), veggies, beans, soups and chilies can last you years!

Other Pantry Staples

Nuts, seeds, dried fruit, granola/protein bars, protein powder, superfood powders, nut butter. These will all be great to have especially during this time.


Make sure you have at least salt, pepper, olive oil, and red wine or balsamic vinegar! You don’t want bland meals! Honey and agave come in handy too.


Water, tea, coffee, nut milk, coconut water, juice, kombucha, wine. These should all last you through your quarantine.

Did I forget anything? I’d love to know what you’re stocking up on! Feel free to comment! And if you missed it, be sure to check out my 12 Things To Do When Stuck at Home post for some ideas of activities to do during quarantine 🙂


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